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  • Smart School Lighting Projects for College Campuses

    Learned individuals should take additional responsibility for the betterment of our society. Focusing on bringing a positive change in the college campus can do much more than traditional classroom programs and textbook knowledge. Effecting a positive social change can impact immensely on the reputation of your college. The current world is facing a major energy challenge and subsequent environmental impact.

  • Saving Energy In Your Retail Space

    All the retail stores consume a significant amount of energy and you have to think of different ways to curtail such enormous energy utilization. It is extremely essential for the sustainability of the business and improving your revenue. Retail stores like supermarkets, fashion boutiques or car dealerships have a similar need for energy resources. Saving energy in these retail stores is directly related to the social impact of the local community as well.

  • Energy Saving Planting Industry

    In every form of industry, energy plays a vital role and the planting industry is no exception. For all types of industry, whether it is a large, medium or small industry. The industries always come forward to conduct a well-researched energy audit to understand and optimize the energy expenditure at the said plant, so that efficient energy utilization is possible.

  • Hospital Lighting Control: Is your facility in good health?

    Lighting plays an important part in a hospital setting. A Hospital has one of the most complex inner functions compared to any other industry sectors. The lighting arrangements with the hospital are equally challenging to make. Hospital buildings are usually big and required a lot of diverse lighting arrangements for different sections, rooms, and areas. But, irrespective of the area good lighting is essential for the smooth functioning of any hospital.